A small recipe for great bread…

“Making great bread is easy: I choose the best ingredients, I follow traditional, family recipes and I use state-of-the-art technology. Quality is a key concern in our company that everyone shares at every level of the manufacturing process, to guarantee the best quality in each batch”. – Laurent Menissez

Our history began in 1965 when Jacques Menissez and his wife opened a traditional bakery in Feignies (north of France). It was fitted with a wood stone oven. In 1975, a first production site for baked bread was launched. This creation marked the industrial startup of Maison Menissez. During the 80’s, Laurent Menissez joined the firm and developped frozen part baked bread under protective atmosphere. From a same site of production, a main part of the turnover was turned to exportation.

Thanks to new technologies, Menissez breads have conquered Europe. Nowadays, with more than 100,000.00 tons a year and half of the turnover coming from export, our incomparable savoir faire is proved. The Maison Menissez part baked breads answer to new consumer habits all over the world.