Lutosa is a company with Belgian origins, specialising in potato processing since 1978. Lutosa is situated in one of the world’s most productive regions when it comes to potato growing and processing. It employs 800 people in 2 factories in Belgium, both ISO 9001 and IFS-BRC certified. The annual capacity totals 400.000 tonnes of finished product. Lutosa ranks 5th in Europe and can be found in the top 10 within the global potato industry.


Fresh and Frozen Chips

Besides pre-fried frozen fries and pre-fried chilled fries, Lutosa also produces potato flakes and a large range of frozen potato specialities. A range of organic frozen fries, specialities and flakes completes the extensive offering. The majority of Lutosa products are made from the potato variety Bintje which is renowned for its delicious taste, its wonderful yellow colour and its exceptional cooking qualities. For fries, several other varieties are also used to meet the customers’ requirements (Fontane, Asterix, Agria, etc).

Through its 17 subsidiaries and sales offices worldwide, Lutosa exports 91% of its products to 125 countries. These are appreciated in restaurants, pubs and cafés (Lutosa Food Service range), by the large and mid-sized distribution, as well as in B2B applications. Lutosa strives towards a global presence through long-term partnerships with local entrepreneurs who wish to develop their sales further thanks to an appealing brand which stands for quality, success and consistency.