Dirafrost is passionate about frozen fruit. Safe and healthy fruits, either grown by their contract farmers or sourced from trusted partners. Dira’s people are driven to deliver the highest quality, from their agronomists, the workers in their factories, to logistics, quality and sales: their mission is to bring you the fruit that you need to make your customers happy.


Dirafrost is a Belgian company, member of the Austrian Agrana Group, a worldwide leading company in 3 sectors: sugar, starch and fruit. With an annual sales volume of 27.000 tons of frozen fruits and fruit purees, of which 12.000 tonnes of strawberries from their own facility in Morocco, we truly are the red fruit specialist. IQF frozen fruits with guaranteed traceability. Dira’s range has all possible fruits: red fruits, orchard fruits, exotic fruits. Most popular are sweet strawberries, tasty raspberries, smooth mango and orchard classics for baking like plum halves and apricot halves.


Fruit mixes

Red fruit mixes and exotic fruit mixes in different compositions: healthy, easy portions. The perfect replacement for fresh fruit, no waste, available all year round.

Fruit purees

Fruit purees are available with or with no added sugar. High in fruit content (on average there is 90% fruit in Dira’s recipes), the fruit purees are a natural ingredient that offers great taste and colour for mixed drinks, desserts, patisserie fillings, exotic sauces, ice cream and much more.

Fruit coulis

Perfect decoration to add a colourful and fruity touch to your desserts and your ice cream. Benefits: – 100% natural, 0% additives – Flash pasteurised for microbiological guarantee – ready to use – fresh fruit flavour: 85% fruits – perfect consistent viscosity – user-friendly squeeze bottle.

Deco fruit

Convenient products for the professional pastry chef to make fruit pies in no time: – coated strawberry halves and cubes – ready-made fruit discs – fruit strips and semi-candied fruit .