Bergia is a family owned company. Its root date back to 1931 when Harry Meeuwissen started his one-man company Fa. Meeuwissen in his home town Sint Odiliënberg in the province Limburg in The Netherlands. Spearheads then were potato and egg trade. In the mid-sixties the company started processing potatoes and the first boxes of pre-fried chilled potato chips were produced. Early 1970s the company was moved to an industrial estate which nowadays is part of the city of Roermond. The first automatic production line was put into use and potato chips processing became core and finally sole business. Our new company name was introduced: Bergia Frites.

In the mid-eighties production of frozen potato chips started to complement the pre-fried potato chips and to increase overall output and efficiency. We were able to expand into new export markets for frozen potato products. Finally, in 2011 production of pre-fried potato chips ceased in favor of frozen products. Our products are sold and shipped worldwide. We serve medium and international businesses all around the world.